Mois de la Photo 2010: Faces of Environment

Cephas Photo Forum collective, in cooperation with Lembaga Indonesia Prancis or the Centre Culturel Français Yogyakarta, proudly presents the annual event of Month of Photography / Mois de la Photo 2010: “Faces of Environment”, as part of The International Year of Biodiversity.

The event will be held 2–27 November 2010. The event will take place mainly at Lembaga Indonesia Prancis / CCF Yogyakarta, also at Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta, Sangam House, and ViaVia Travelers Café.

In short, there will be exhibitions by eight young photographers of Cephas Photo Forum collective, slideshow projections showcasing works by selected fellow photographers, a seminar and discussion on environmental photography, a special presentation by WWF Indonesia West Borneo, a workshop for young photographers, and a gathering night to close the month-long celebrations.


Scroll down to view the full program and download the event guide (PDF, English, approx. 5MB).





Lembaga Indonesia Prancis / Centre Culturel Français Yogyakarta | Jalan Sagan 3 | Tue 2 Nov 19.00 | Live performance by Corcovado jazz band

Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | Jalan Brigjen. Katamso, Prawirodirjan, GM II/1226 | Wed 3 Nov 19.00

Sangam House | Jalan Kaliuran KM 5.6, Jalan Pandega Siwi 14 | Thu 4 Nov 19.00

ViaVia Travelers Café | Jalan Prawirotaman 30 | Fri 5 Nov 19.00 | Live performance by Travel jazz band


“ELEMENTS” by Cephas Photo Forum collective | 3–19 Nov 2010

© Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Ulet Ifansasti | Freelance photojournalist working for Getty Images

“Deforestation in Sumatra” | Galerie LIP/CCF | 3–19 Nov | Sumatra is home to some of the world’s fastest shrinking forests. Pulp and paper companies have set up shop in Riau, gaining approval for logging operations. Increasing global demand for palm oil has also given way to expansive palm oil plantations in the forests.

The World Wildlife Fund recently released a report warning the destruction of Sumatra’s natural forests is a significant factor in global climate change and is pushing rare species closer to extinction.


© Budi Dharmawan

Budi Dharmawan | Documentary photographer interested in social issues with cultural approach

“Green Gold” | Galerie LIP/CCF | 3–19 Nov | Indonesia doesn’t have many good stories about its forests. There are issues of wild fires, palm oil, deforestation, local inhabitants being ousted by government agents, among others. I found a slight hope when I visited a government-owned teak forest in Blora, Central Java few months ago. In good hands and under good management, this literally hot area that is rich of green gold and black gold, can actually go green.


© Oscar Siagian

Oscar Siagian | Freelance photographer who focuses his work on environmental issues

“Rhythm of Life” | Sangam House | 3–19 Nov | Whale hunting is commercially prohibited, but not in Lamalera, a small village of Lembata Island, East Nusa Tenggara, where whale hunting is an indigenous tradition. Using only traditional tools, the whale is considered as a blessing for all villagers of Lamalera. The hunting is not prohibited by the International Whaling Commission.


© Fauzan Ijazah

Fauzan Ijazah | Freelance photographer

“Man-eating Tigers and Tiger Tamer” | Sangam House | 3–19 Nov | Syarwani Sabi, 70 years old, has been famous as a traditional tiger tamer from Arongan, West Aceh district. He uses traditional methods, such as timbered trap, magic and a dog as bait. “I learned this methods from my ancestors. And I believe that the man-eating tiger would be trapped here,” Syarwani said.


© Karolus Naga

Karolus Naga | Photographer and traveler, doing documentary and journalistic photography

“Purgatorio” | Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | 3–19 Nov | Personal voyages to life under the shadow of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. The people, religion, birds on trees, and the wrath of nature.


© Michael Eko

Michael Eko | Studying Journalism at Atmajaya University Yogyakarta, now works as a photographer

“Knock-knock, Knockin’ on Innocence Door” | Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | 3–19 Nov | A journey through light that seeks for the core of relations of the Earth with all its inhabitants. A look back to traces of childhood that are often made dumb in the face of change. A romantism that gives critical breath to whole degradation that aches Mother Earth. Also a pilgrimage to the innocence, that when we become older, it is often replaced by the apology “for a mouthful of rice”.


© Doni Maulistya

Doni Maulistya | Freelance photographer based in Yogyakarta

“Gone” | Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | 3–19 Nov | When we are gone, who is going to love the Earth? When we are gone, the Earth will die, lying uselessly. When we are gone, who is going to collect water from the rivers for shower? When we are gone, who is going to cut down the trees in the forests?


When the Earth is gone, who is going to love us?

© Kurniadi Widodo

Kurniadi Widodo | Self-taught photographer, trying to make sense of the world around him through photography

“Unnatural Coexistence” (working title) | ViaVia Travelers Café | 3–19 Nov | With photos taken in daily surroundings, the series tries to establish nature’s position and relations, specially vegetation and greenery, in man-made environment.

Through the photos in this series, Kurniadi Widodo comments on how men willingly live side by side with nature, but only as long as it follows the rules and limitations that men made.



The photographers of Cephas Photo Forum collective will present their works and discuss about the issue they raise through their photographs.


Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | Karolus Naga, Michael Eko, Doni Maulistya | Wed 3 Nov 19.00

Sangam House | Oscar Siagian, Fauzan Ijazah | Sun 7 Nov 19.00

Lembaga Indonesia Prancis / CCF | Ulet Ifansasti, Budi Dharmawan | Mon 15 Nov 19.00

ViaVia Travelers Café | Kurniadi Widodo | Thu 18 Nov 19.00



As part of Cephas Photo Forum’s efforts to draw a map of regional photography scene, we invited selected fellow photographers to send in their works to be showcased in this event.

The selected photographers and their works are listed below this schedule.


Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | Sat 13 Nov 16.00 | Tue 9 & Wed 17 Nov 19.00

Sangam House | Sun 7 & Wed 10 Nov 16.00 | Sun 14 Nov 19.00

ViaVia Travelers Café | Mon 8 & Thu 18 Nov 16.00 | Thu 11 & Sun 14 Nov 19.00

Galerie LIP/CCF | Fri 19 Nov 19.00


Alecia Neo | Singapore | Editorial photographer, works mainly in portraiture. She received Honorable Mention in the 2009 Berenice Abbott Prize for “Home Visits” series. | “Home Visits”

© Alecia Neo

Ore Huiying | Singapore | With photography she aspires to document Asian societies’ progression in global context. Currently pursuing Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, U.K. | “Growing Up”, “Something Beautiful”

Agnes Dherbeys | France | Bangkok based French photographer, with VII MENTOR program. Learned photography when moved to Bangkok in 2001, and has since focused working in Nepal, Timor Leste, Indonesia and Thailand. | “Thai Politics in Turmoil”, “East Timor: The Crushed Dreams of Independence”

Agnes Dherbeys

© Agnes Dherbeys for New York Times

Chhandak Pradhan | India | Editorial photographer and writer based in Kolkata. Currently the research assistant of former National Geographic photographer Steve Raymer for his new book. | “Beyond Silence”

Zishaan Akbar Latif | India | Graduated from Sydenham, Mumbai in 2005. Has been a photographer ever since. | “Invisible Farmer”, “Bokator”

Karen Dias | India | Born in Bombay, she moved to United Arab Emirates after completing her degree in Journalism. Currently a photographer for a major daily publication in Dubai. | “An Evolution: United Arab Emirates”

© Karen Dias

Nadim Bou Habib | Lebanon | Studied biochemistry then shifted to photography. Receives his Masters in Photography in 2007. | “Turkey’s Changing Face”

Nariman Ansari | Pakistan | 31 year old photographer and teacher based in Karachi. Her experience is in portraiture, conceptual, and documentary photography. | “Transcending Stereotypes”

Donang Wahyu | Indonesia | Freelance photojournalist based in Jakarta, represented by Laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen. | “HIV/AIDS in Indonesia”

Sandi Jaya Saputra | Indonesia | Born in Garut, lives in Bandung, West Java, now works as a freelance photographer. | “King’s Chicken”

© Zishaan Akbar Latif

Julie Batula | Philippines | Manila-based artist and documentary photographer. She lives by the works of Sally Mann and Nan Goldin. | “One-Way Out”

Estan Cabigas | Philippines | Freelance photographer based in Makati City with a Diploma in photojournalism, he focuses on Filipino faith and spirituality for his project. | “A Ritual of Faith”

Vignes Balasingam | Malaysia | A graduate in Contemporary Music, he had turned his artistic interest to photography and has remained a professional photographer for the last five years. | “Muzo”

Mervyn Leong | Malaysia | An engineer by profession, Mervyn took photography more seriously a couple of years ago. Endowed with an encyclopedic knowledge of gastronomy. | “Hammams: Spreader of Warmth”

© Yong Yen Nie

Yong Yen Nie | Malaysia | Business writer based in Kuala Lumpur, believes that photography’s strongest, if not sole purpose, is to document truth, so that no one may say otherwise. | “Villa-town”, “The Sea”

Rahman Roslan | Malaysia | Freelance photographer based in Kuala Lumpur with social and humanitarian issues as his major interests. | “It is Not in Our Hands”



“Role of the Media in Documenting Environmental Issues”

/ “Media di dalam Isu Lingkungan”

Many of us have heard a list of environmental issues, but do we really know what is really happening? The story is a little bit different for people who are working with environmental NGO’s. They deal with those issues in flesh and blood. Two of those people will share their views and experiences in this discussion. The discussion will also focus on the role of photography in documenting and highlighting environmental issues to bring them into our attention.


Kasan Kurdi (Freelance videographer)

Suparlan (Director of WALHI Yogyakarta)


Auditorium LIP / CCF Yogyakarta | Jalan Sagan 3 | Fri 12 Nov 15.00

* This discussion is in Bahasa Indonesia.



by Panda Click WWF Indonesia, West Borneo Program

Atmajaya University Library | Jalan Babarsari 6, Sleman, Yogyakarta | Wed 17 Nov 19.00



Based on some of the Cephas Photo Forum collective members’ and elaborated with the tutors’ experiences, we design a workshop for Indonesian young photographers to develop their visual story-telling skills and personal styles. The workshop is open for only 14 participants who are no older than 28 years old, and will go on for a week under the guidance of Ng Swan Ti and Roy Rubianto, who both will act as tutors.

The workshop will begin on the evening of 21 November with an opening dinner for all participants and tutors at our friend’s nice artistic-atmosphered restaurant Kedai Kebun Forum. Then the students will all be required to work hard with the tutors for the whole week of 22–26 November. 27 November will see the tutors editing the final works of the students, and by the evening, all students’ works will be projected during the Mois de la Photo Closing Party at Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta.

Submissions due 10 November 2010. More information on the workshop is available here (in Bahasa Indonesia).



To officially close the month-long photography celebrations, there will be a gathering in friendly atmosphere in the evening of our last day. The casual and homy setting of Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta will perfectly host the event, which is open for everyone — consider yourself invited!

In this special evening, the students of the workshop will also present their final works to the public. Feel free to give them comments and feedback, or to converse with the workshop tutors, or just to chat one another — it’s a party!

Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta | Jalan Brigjen. Katamso, Prawirodirjan, GM II/1226 | Sat 27 Nov 19.00

* All events are open for public and free of charge, except for the workshop which is only for selected participants.


* All events are either in Bahasa Indonesia, English, or French.


You can download our official event guide (PDF, English, approx. 5MB): Mois de la Photo 2010 official event guide.

For inquiries, feel free to reach us at


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